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Surface printing ink-----UMOH

  Surface Printing Ink----------Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Terpolymer Resins UMOH/LPOH


  UMOH/LPOH are terpolymer resins of Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate-Vinyl Alcohol. UMOH has excellent adhesion to the substrates of paper, polysulfone resin, acrylic resin, PVC,ABS, PET,PC and ink. It has excellent compatibility with polyurethane resin, EVA, alkyd resin, acrylic resin, melamine resin and urea formaldehyde resin. So it’s usually applied with these resins together to improve the performance of coating such as adhesion, flexibility, toughness, hardness and chemical resistance,etc. Besides, it can also be used as modifier to improve the coating performance of alkyd, two component polyester polyurethane, acid catalyzed baking coating and two components epoxy coating,etc.


  Adhesive for magnetic tape and card ; interior coating for non-alcohol beverage can; marine primer; processed pigment; gravure and flexo printing ink for food package; wood paint.