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Heat seal lacquer-----UMCH

  Heat Seal Lacquer-----Carboxyl Modified Vinyl Terpolymer esins UMCH


  UMCH is the terpolymer resin of Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate-Maleic Acid.UMCH has good adhesion to metal,PVC ,paper,fiber,glass,concrete, wood, etc because of its carboxyl group. It’s easy to dissolve in ketones such as acetone, butanone, cyclohexanone,Isophorone solvents and esters such as ethyl acetate,butylester,DOP,DBP. It has good compatibility with other resins,epoxy resin,alkyd resin, phenolic resin,acrylic resin,polyester ,etc. At the room temperature, it has good water resistance and salty fog resistance.


  1. Varnish for gold and silver paper card,ink,melt adhesive for aluminum foil package ,printing tin coating and coating for metal corrosion resistance.

  2. Ink (screen printing ,aluminum foil ,gravure,etc)

  3. Paint(metal paint,plastic paint,vinyl paint,ship-bottom paint ,UV substrate paint,etc)

  4. Transfer printing ink,alumite coating,heat transfer printing back glue.